The Century brand, through clear strategies and committed sales team efforts, has dominated the market in the automatic voltage stabilizer segment over the years by offering customers a top quality and dependable product. This has endeared the brand into the heart of Nigerians as a brand that can be trusted. This was further built upon by increasing the product offerings to include fans, blenders, washing machines, refrigerators, freezers, food processors, microwaves, ovens, gas cookers, surge protectors etc. While maintaining our culture of producing only the best quality products we have been able to extend the acceptability of the brand to these products successfully.



This leading brand in the power regulation market with its array of power regulation products, best known for its Power deluxe stabilizer and voltage switchers and processors, the power deluxe brand was developed to provide consumers with solutions to the irregular voltage situations in Nigeria, Over the years the brand has invested in research and development in order to develop innovative products and products that can meet the futures demand of development of renewable energy.

The power deluxe brand has also introduced into the market, consumer appliances that utilizes less energy consumption while also making use of renewable sources of energy to power the appliance, creating a more sustainable world and future